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Who Is Dj Trako.

To be a dj is like being a artist you have to keep moving the crowd and get them into the music they love. I DJ TRAKO began playing in house party,weddings,suite 16 and local bars and clubs in my hometown of Chicago, getting my first break when the DJ called in sick at a local bar after a year play in the bar I did couple of guess spots in a other places. I was discovered by Promoter crew. I was taken under the wing of a Veteran DJ, who took me and show me what a DJ is ALL about. I admired how bad boy bill dj, He was one the reason that got me started dj by hearing him mixes in the radio and play in all Chicago clubs and making track for other djs.… Well Today I’m happy to say that one of my goal was to play in the radio like Bad Boy Bill and I made in happen it was call LA Kalle i had 4 year of experience love it every minute of in. Well it was a great experience wild it last. In 2002 I started working for a company call new v5 group and till going great …thanks to v5 I have had the opportunities to work in concert like Don omar,Ivy queen,Prince Royce,Jerry Rivera,and more great artist and at cluds to like kaboo, v-live,zentra,transit,volka,babalu,nikki excaibur,club dolphin and had opportinity to dj at other city like Dallas,Huston,Miami ….music is whats make me love what I do. That’s why I can say that I’m a complete package and have expedience in the entertainment field.

Quick Facts

  • Official V5 DJ
  • Inspired to follow DJing by Dj Bad Boy Bill
  • First Vinyl Turntable (Technic)
  • Interested in Djing at the age of 17


Orgin - Chicago IL

Email -

Genres - Hip-Hop · Reggeaton

Recidencies - Transit

Website - N/A

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