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Looking to celebrate a FREE “V5 Special Occasion/Group Celebration” (Birthday Party, Promotion, Bachelor, Night-Out & more) in Chicago? Join V5, and make it  a blast with the best birthday/group party package(s) in Chicago! Planning a birthday party, VIP Bottle Service or large group celebration can be stressful. From building an invite list to finding the perfect location to second-guessing whether you should be throwing yourself or your group a party in the first place, it’s often tempting to just call the whole thing off. But we’re here to make party-planning a little bit easier. Whether it's your birthday or any other celebration worth partying for, we can help you have a great night. Let us take care of your “Special Occasion/Group Celebration” invite design and plan your night! Join us and enjoy some freebies such as no cover charges, free party hosting, and even little luxuries such as some complimentary drinks. Celebrate with V5 at any of our most popular clubs, bars and lounges in Chicago. Cheers!