FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Bottle Service/Table Reservations

No, a deposit is NOT required for a table reservation through V5. However, all reservations are asked to arrive prior to reservation. V5 reserves the right to let go of any table reservation if party is either later or a no-show.

No. In order to get bottle service you need a table, and in order to get a table you need to meet the minimum bottle amount for your desired section.

Each venue and night have their own bottle minimums for their particular table area and each venue/night have their own bottle menu/prices.

* We recommend navigating to your desired event/night and selecting the BOOK A TABLE button. From there you can follow the form instructions. If submitted successfully, you will receive a success page AND an email confirmation.

* A V5 representative may or may not contact you regarding your reservation.

* Don't see an event or date you'd like to reserve for? Please feel free to Text or call 773.561.9111. or email celebration@v5group.com

There are two ways to reserve your table.

For Birthday Reservations:

Reserve Here

To book Any Celebration Reservation:

Visit the desired night:







Then select your event and select the option/Click the Button BOOK A TABLE

Sure, absolutely! You know where you want to go, when you want to go, now you just want to reserve your celebration/night.

Click here to go to a list of all upcoming V5 events.

From there, select the event you'd like to attend.

Once within your selected event, click on the "Book a Table" button. (* If there isn't a Book a Table button, then this event is either sold out or tables are on a first-come first-served basis).

Follow the table reservation form instructions and submit your reservation.

If successful, you will receive both a success page and a confirmation notification email from V5 Group.

Once this is all complete, your celebration reservation is confirmed and booked.

* A V5 representative may or may not contact you regarding your reservation. If any further questions, please feel free to Text or call 773.561.9111. or email celebration@v5group.com

Most venues will allow this if you have proof of reservation.

Please have your reservation confirmation at hand when informing the doorman.

* Depending on venue and event type, cutting of the line is not always guaranteed. Please do your best to always arrive a bit earlier than your designated reservation time.

A bottle/table reservation DOES NOT include your ticket/cover cost. On the V5 website, select your event and click on the Buy Tickets now button/option.

If button is not available online, the event either has no cover charge or cover will be charged at the door.

No, in order to keep a table after the complimentary champagne, you will need to purchase the minimum bottle service for your desired section.

V5 Events + Guidelines

No you cannot attend every event, but, V5 currently has two Friday night 18+ events and more coming.

1.) V-Live - 18+ "Freaky Fridays" (View Weekly Event)

2.) Luxur - 18+ Fridays "Ladies Night" (View Weekly Event)

Click here for a complete list of all 18+ events.

* We're always adding more events! Click here to join the VIP mailing list

* All other events are 21+NO EXCEPTIONS

Modern/trendy. No shorts (unless dress shorts), no hats (unless trendy), no baggy attire, no white T's, no steel toe boots

We encourage everyone to look their best! We expect our guests to make an effort when visiting our venue on all occasions. In all instances, the decision of the management team is final.


We encourage everyone to download the SpotHero and/or ParqEx App(s).

Street parking for most venues is also an option.

Here is a list of all accepted forms of ID for entry.

* A valid, current driver's license issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* A valid photo identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* Armed Forces Identification.

* A valid U.S. Passport or travel visa/passport issued by a foreign country containing the holder’s photograph.

V5 Venues & Hours of Operation

Tunnel (151 W Kinzie St Chicago, IL 60654) - 9:00PM - 2:00AM

Hush (311 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654) -10:00PM - 4:00AM

There are currently no V5 weekly events on Mondays. But, stay tuned!

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TreeHouse (149 W Kinzie St Chicago, IL 60654) - 7:00PM-2:00AM

Bounce (324 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60654) - 9:00PM - 2:00AM

LiqrBox (873 N Orleans St, Chicago, IL 60610) - 12:00AM- 4:00AM

Tunnel (151 W Kinzie St Chicago, IL 60654)- 9:00PM - 2:00AM

RocBar (25 W Hubbard St Chicago, IL 60654)- 10:30PM - 4:30AM

Luxur Nightclub (5505 W Cermak Rd, Cicero, IL 60804) - 9:00PM - 2:00AM

Moe's Cantina (River North - 155 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, IL 60654) - 5:00PM - 2:00AM

Moe's Cantina (Wrigley - 3518 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657) - 9:00PM - 2:00AM

V-Live (2501 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60623)- 10:00PM - 4:00AM

The Mine Music Hall (1431 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607) - 10:00PM - 4:00AM

Luxur Nightclub (5505 W Cermak Rd, Cicero, IL 60804) - 9:00PM - 3:00AM

Moe's Cantina (River North - 155 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, IL 60654) - 5:00PM - 3:00AM

Moe's Cantina (Wrigley - 3518 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657) - 9:00PM - 3:00AM

The Mine Music Hall (1431 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607) - 10:00PM - 5:00AM

Sorry Papi Tour!

Sorry Papi Chicago Tour @ Moe's Cantina (River North), San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Santa Ana have come and gone, and now you're interested in other Sorry Papi Tour dates & cities?

Awesome!, visit the official SorryPapi website and sign-up for pre-sale and on-sale tickets now @ (https://sorrypapi.com/). New Cities and Dates added daily.

A table/bottle reservation does not grant you entry. If and ONLY if you have already purchased a ticket to Sorry Papi will your table reservation be valid.

This is true for ALL cities.

Bought tickets and have a question? Or have a question you need answered before purchasing? Maybe you're interested in bottle service...

The best way to contact a Sorry Papi representative is to fill out the contact form on the Sorry Papi official website - https://sorrypapi.com/contact-us/

As you can imagine, the Sorry Papi! Mamis are a busy bunch, so allow them 24-48 hrs response time.

Contact Us / Support / Jobs

We're always looking to hire responsible, inspired, self-motivated, professional & trend-setting individuals to join our V5 Group team.

We have several positions to apply for (Bartenders, DJS, Graphic Designers, Marketers, Brand-Ambassadors, Administrative/Office Employment, Bottle Servers & more...).

Fill out an application by going to the Careers Section of our website (https://v5online.com/careers/) and join the list of potential candidates.

We'll contact you if/when something in your career field opens up. Thanks again for considering us as a potential employer. Best of luck in your career journey! - (V5)

So you went through the entire site, read all the Frequently Asked Questions and you're still having issues finding an event or booking one.

We're here to help. You can either - CHAT with us (recommended), call us - 773.561.9111 or you can email us directly at - celebration@v5group.com